Pregnancy & Birth Art Workshop

Pregnancy & Birth Art Workshop

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Cortney has facilitated this workshop in multiple yoga studios in Pittsburgh, for ICAN’s Pittsburgh chapter, and for individuals and couples.

Bring this workshop to your organization or group, or schedule a session for yourself alone or with your partner!  Contact Cortney to discuss details!

For questions about the course, contact Cortney.

Based on the work of Birthing From Within®, this workshop is for pregnant and new mothers as well as birth professionals. In this facilitated workshop, we will make birth art to explore the experience of pregnancy, birth, and parenting.  Participating in the process deepens our self-awareness and is a tool for meditation, reflection, and inquiry.  What you create is your own; there is no requirement to share or describe your art, and no art critics will be present. No art experience of any kind is necessary.  Come have fun!

“Live, birth, and make art with passion, without attachment to a particular outcome.”  -Pam England, co-author of Birthing From Within


If you’d like, bring your journal and something to write with.  All other materials will be provided.


For more information about Birthing From Within, visit