Postpartum Yoga Circle

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Postpartum Yoga Circle


why postpartum yoga?  Yoga is relaxing, supportive, and nourishing for you and your growing baby. In this one of a kind multi-week series, we will use gentle flowing movement, guided relaxation, discussion and breath work to stretch, strengthen, explore and celebrate this unique post-partum period, your changing body, and your growing baby (or babies!)  We will use physical postures and breath awareness techniques to align, tone, and re-balance your body after labor and birth and learn techniques and skills to facilitate ease and relaxation for the early months and years of parenting.  Postpartum yoga can improve your sleep, reduce stress and anxiety, and bring more awareness and mindfulness to mothering.

what is a postpartum yoga circle? how is this different than weekly postpartum or baby & me yoga classes? Committing to a multi-week series with the same group of women adds depth to and enhances your experience.  Each week will have a group asana and pranayama (yogic movement and breathing) practice similar to what you would find in a traditional yoga class AND the benefits of a committed group of women intentionally creating and developing a sacred space together with meaningful and honest discussion, emotion, celebration, and support.  Classes will build on each other, and be uniquely tailored to the needs and experiences of the group. You will deepen your personal resources and a leave with a new community of mom friends.

additional info: 

This class is appropriate for women who have given birth at least 8 weeks before the class begins and up to 2 years prior.  Babes in arms (pre-crawling) are welcome (but not required) to attend with mom.  If your baby comes to class with you, feeding, changing, and cuddling your baby is encouraged and supported at any time.

Limited need-based scholarships available- contact Cortney for more information.

yoga teacher and mentor: 

cortney head shot forumCortney Seltman is a mother of two, a BIRTHING FROM WITHIN® Mentor, a trained doula, and Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200) trained in EmbodiYoga.  Cortney has taught prenatal yoga at Yoga on the Square and Shining Light Prenatal Education, and facilitates Birth Art workshops and sessions for mothers-to-be.  She has supported women and their families through pregnancy, labor and birth at home, in a birth center, and in hospitals.  She believes strongly that every woman and every family deserves to feel supported and nourished throughout the physical, spiritual, and emotional transformation of pregnancy, childbirth and parenting, and knows from her own experience that it is invaluable (and a lot more fun!) to walk the path of pregnancy and mothering in deep community with family and friends.

 Cortney is also available to teach private, semi-private, and group prenatal, postpartum, and general yoga classes. Please contact Cortney for more information.