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Gourmet Childbirth Preparation Classes

What do YOU need to know to give birth?

There are three kinds of knowing to birth from within. The first and most basic is the intuitive knowing in your bones, or innate maternal instinct. The second kind of knowing is modern knowing—being savvy about birth culture and the wide range of birth choices that exist today. The third kind of knowing is knowing yourself.  Birthing From Within®  Childbirth Preparation classes offer you a soulful and holistic approach to birth preparation that integrates all three kinds of knowing.

Childbirth is a profound rite of passage for a woman, the child or children being born, her partner and greater family and community, and our classes nurture and support all participants in birth.

We believe the essence of childbirth preparation is self-discovery and parent preparation, not assimilating obstetric information. Our classes prepare you to birth-in-awareness whether you are birthing at home, in a birth center, or hospital, and for whatever kind of birth you are planning and hoping for (natural or medicated birth, vaginal or cesarean birth, water birth, etc.)  Our instructors are trained to be mentors and midwives to parents’ unique processes.  The course content is tailored to meet the specific and individual needs of parents, and includes lots of practical information, birth videos, memorable exercises, creating and viewing birth art, music, ritual, storytelling and celebration.

Class Topics include:

  • Physiology and stages of labor, pushing, birth, and postpartum
  • Birthing in our bodies (eating in awareness & nutrition, positioning for labor and birth, yoga, massage, laborland, pushing and birthing)
  • Choosing a Birthplace and Making Decisions
  • Special class for Fathers, Other-Mothers & Birth Partners
  • Pain-coping techniques using mindfulness, meditation, visualization and self-hypnosis, as well as the wise and compassionate use of drugs and epidurals
  • Welcoming Baby & Postpartum adjustment (feeding your baby with love, vaccination and circumcision decisions, soothing, swaddling and wearing your baby)
  • Rituals and Celebration for the childbearing year

For more information about Cortney Seltman, instructor and Birthing From Within Mentor and Doula please visit For more information about Birthing From Within’s philosophy and the book Birthing From Within, co-authored by Pam England, please visit

Birthing From Within classes are offered in small group settings, with a maximum of 5 couples per 12-hour course. Please register early to ensure a space for you and your partner. Ideally, this course should be completed by the end of your 36th week of pregnancy. Some health insurance providers offer reimbursement for Childbirth Education classes. If yours does, please bring the form to class and it can be signed and validated. Please wear comfortable clothes in which you can move.


BIRTHING FROM WITHIN® Childbirth Preparation

Private and semi-private classes can be arranged in your home or in our spaces in Pittsburgh, PA. 

Please contact me for more information about scheduling a private or semi-private class.

Upcoming Open Class Series

New dates coming soon! To schedule a series for yourself, a small group, or organization, or for questions about the course, contact me.