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Becoming a parent is a journey and adventure unlike any other.  The path is filled with surprises that can include beauty, challenge, heartache, love.  I believe pregnancy, birth, and parenting are rites of passage and sacred moments in time to prepare for and then join the countless mothers and fathers who have come before.  It is a time of incredible opportunity for growth, expansion, and connection. For rooting down deep into your own powers and strength and accepting support and strength from outside yourself, accessing areas within you and around you that you may not have known existed.

sacred morningsBelly Centered exists to provide support, nourishment, and community to parents and families on this journey. This support and nourishment can come in many forms and many packages.  I offer Childbirth Preparation Classes, doula services, yoga teaching, and will soon offer family-centered retreats and travel opportunities.  All are designed to be full of information, ritual, celebration, yoga, good food, resources and networks of support, and space to learn what it is that YOU need at this moment in YOUR life.  I believe that what every parent needs is unique and the services I provide reflect that belief, providing a customized approach for every individual, couple, or group.  This philosophy and approach stems from my training with Birthing From Within® and studies and training in experiential and adventure education.


I am a mother, a Birthing From Within® mentor, a yoga teacher and a doula and have worked with mothers, fathers, children of all ages, and families for over 10 years.  Before I started this business, I spent many years as a facilitator for peacebuilding and leadership trainings, a summer camp director, wilderness trip leader, international student & scholar advisor and worked to support community health and food programs in the US and abroad.  Read more about me here, and thanks for visiting!  Have fun exploring the site, and please be in touch if there is any way I can be of assistance on your journey.

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